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image007_copy.jpgimage006_copy_copy.jpgFull Back Support, Inflatable

- Provides spinal support, adjustable for various sitting postures.
- Promotes spinal neutral position, improves sitting posture.
- It has a built-in lumbar pad that inflates/deflates according to your needs.
- It has an adjustable strap for attaching to the back of your sit.


Back Roll. Full Roll or Half Rollimage008_copy_copy.jpgimage004_copy_copy.jpg

- Helps maintain proper posture alignment during prolonged sitting.
- Provides support of the lumbar spine.
- Regular use of lumbar roll helps prevent, and accelerates healing of back musculo-skeletal problems.
- Recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

image006_copy.jpgIn-line Seating / Seat Support

- Relieves sitting pressure on coccyx, easing discomfort caused by spinal disc problems, sciatica and muscle or joint pain.
- Increases sitting tolerance for pelvis and thighs, by making seats more comfortable.
- Helps alleviate pressure points and evenly distributes body weight, for prolonged sitting posture.
- It conveniently attaches to the back of your sit.
For more details, see manufacturer’s web sites: http://www.embraceairbackrests.com and http://www.obusforme.com
SOMBRA Warm Therapy Pain Relieving Gel

- Through unique heating and cooling action, it helps provide fast relief for pain
associated with arthritis, sport injuries and muscle soreness and inflammation.
- It is composed of a special blend of 6 natural plant extracts, in combination with menthol, capsaicin and which hazel, which are external analgesics.
- Fast-acting, will not stain clothing, safe, natural analgesic.

- Helps provide relief for pain associated with arthritis, bursitis, muscle aches and soreness, cramps, sprains and strains.
- Reduces swelling and stiffness, increases mobility, reduces pain and improves recovery.
- Contains Ilex, a herbal extract with analgesic properties.

Swiss (Stability) Balls

image012_copy.jpg- Stability balls are well known for their role in building core strength and stability, especially for deep abdominal, back and scapular muscles.
- If used for sitting at a desk, stability balls promote an active, engaged sitting.
- Stability/exercise balls have also provided good results in neuro-rehabilitation, and neuro-developmental treatment.

Fitball Wedge

- When added to your seat cushion, or used together
with lumbar support, the Wedge will help correct
your sitting posture and increase core muscle activity.

Fitball Balance Disc

image016_copy.jpg- Used to improve balance, stability and to activate and strengthen the core (deep abdominal) musculature.
- When used on a regular chair, the Disc acts like a dynamic cushion, promoting active sitting.
- On the floor, the Disc is used for balance training, proprioception or strengthening of lower extremity muscles.

Cervical Roll

- Provides neck support, while sleeping on a regular pillow.
- Placed inside the pillowcase, it adjusts the contour of the neck, to help correct poor sleeping postures.
- Provides neutral cervical alignment during sleep.
- Recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Cervical Contoured and Traditional Foam Pillow

image020_copy.jpgimage022_copy.jpgProvides neck support for any sleeping position. Visco-elastic foam adds-on comfort and molds at body temperature to the specific shape of the head and neck, to provide neck support. Helps reduce morning neck pain, stiffness and headaches resulting from improper neck support. Pillows come in: medium, standard, firm and extra-firm support, and Standard, Queen and King sizes. For more details, see http://www.obusforme.com or http://www.orthocanada.com .
Recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Home Electrotherapy Devices – TENS and EMS

image026.gifDigital, battery operated electronic device, commonly used in physiotherapy practice, or at home. The TENS-EMS sends electrical impulses to the nerve endings at or near the site of pain, diminishing the pain and replacing it with a tingling or massage-like sensation.

TENS is used by patients with muscular pain, osteoarthritis, rheumathoid arthritis, sciatica, pain after surgery and other conditions. Family Physicians frequently recommend TENS-EMS as part of an overall pain-management program.

image027.gifEMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is used to prevent or reduce muscle atrophy, increasing blood flow to muscles, increasing range of motion, increasing muscle strength and enhancing muscle endurance.
These patient-friendly devices features a wide range of pulse amplitudes, frequencies and patterns and an easy to use timer, allowing it to be used either for pain relief (TENS) or muscle stimulation (EMS). When used as prescribed by the physiotherapist, the device will help promote a quick return to daily activities. The TENS-EMS is a convenient pain management tool with the flexibility in providing home therapy. It is drug free and reduces dependence on pain medication.


The TENS-EMS Units are compact, portable, and easy to use at home and in the office. They are “dual-channel” devices that offer a wider variety of treatment options, and stimulating multiple pain-sites at the same time.
There are different types that will better suit your needs:

At ProHealth, we will recommend you what type of TENS-EMS is appropriate to use for your condition. We will review your pain control goals, and teach you how to program and use it, including how to place the electrodes, set and control the type of current, and maintain the Unit. We will help in dealing with the Insurance Companies, including sending an estimate and/or direct billing if possible.

Custom Made Orthotics

image030_copy.jpgAt ProHealth, we provide excellent custom-made orthotics, to offer the proper foot alignment when standing, walking driving, working or performing your favorite sport. See what a difference custom-made orthotics can do! After taking the “mold” of your feet, ProHealth
Physiotherapy can refer your orthotics to several well-trusted labs, based on shoe preferences and added features. We are only using labs that we have used and trusted for years for the quality and fit of their orthotics inserts. Casual or formal shoes, sandals, work or sport shoes, or just inserts that you can use in your favorite shoes, your feet will thank you. For shoe models to choose from please visit the web sites of our most trusted labs: http://www.theorthoticgroup.com http://www.orthoticenergy.com and http://www.oolab.com .
Knee Braces

- Used for post-operative rehabilitation, patellar tendonitis and dislocation, ligamentous instability.image032_copy.jpg
- Provide very good support and stability, promoting normal healing and allowing the patient to return to regular daily activities.
- At ProHealth, we provide precise measurements, order the braces from trusted suppliers, help you deal with insurance companies for funding and fit them properly. We will send you home wearing the appropriate brace and feeling comfortable.

Evolution ChairTM

image034.jpg- It is suitable for all ages and anyone sitting at a desk or in a chair for hours.
- Evolution ChairTM  takes the pressure off the spine, releases muscle tension, promotes active and dynamic sitting, improves balance and strengthens trunk muscles.
- It consists of a high-quality, burst-resistant ball contained within a moving base. This design ensures core musculature/inner unit activation; it builds the strength and endurance of the postural muscles, which facilitate optimal posture.
- Recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

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